The vineyard Pitsch am Bach is located on the south-western slopes between St. Justina and St. Magdalena in Bolzano on dry river gravel deposits with high sand and medium humus content.

First mentioned in a document in 1350, our wine farm is located at an altitude of about 300 m above sea level. 300 sunny days a year are a good prerequisite for us to produce excellent wines.

Down-to-earth serenity,
cosmopolitan vision.

The winery

Our winery probably got its peculiar name from its former owner, the Florentine banker “Boccia”. This might have changed in consequence dialectally to Pitsch. For centuries wine trade was carried on here, among others with Meinhard II of Tyrol. Today, the Pitsch Winery is run as a “hereditary farm” by the Schweigkofler family, who are now in the eighth generation of the family to be dedicated to viticulture. The vineyard is managed in a natural way and the wine is pressed according to the traditional techniques of winemaking.

1350 mentioned
for the first time

300 sunny
days per year